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Advantage of the House Edge: is it helpful while playing online casinos?

The house advantage is perhaps the most important concept you must learn to become an experienced Live Casino player. After all, this term is what determines your chances of winning in a game and the money you can lose in the long run. Next, we explain in detail what the advantage of the house is about!

Advantage of the Explained House

Despite the great importance of the Agen slot pragmatic house advantage, there are still many people who visit online casinos without knowing what it is. It may seem surprising that the casino has an advantage of the house. Even so, you should not forget that online casinos are businesses like any other and seek to generate profits over time. One of the easiest ways to understand the concept of home advantage is through roulette games.

European Roulette: better than European

European roulette has 36 number boxes + a 0 (zero) box, for a total of 37. However, the prize for individual bets is only 35: 1. If you bet one chip in each of the 37 boxes, you would win the game, but the casino would only return 36 chips (your initial bet + 35 prize chips). In other words, the casino will keep 1 chip of your bet of 37 chips. That difference is the advantage of the house. The house advantage is 2.7%.

  • European RouletteBoxes – 37.
  • Individual Bet Prize – 35: 1.
  • Probability of Hitting 1 Number – 1/37.
  • House advantage – 2.7%.

American Roulette: know the basic concept

However, a small change in house rules may change this percentage. For example, American roulette has 38 boxes, but the payment for individual bets is still 35: 1. In this case, if you bet on each of the 38 boxes, in the end you would lose 2 chips. The house advantage in this case is 5.26%. As you can see, it is better that you bet on European roulette because it has less advantage of the house.

  • American Roulette Boxes – 38.
  • Individual Bet Prize – 35: 1.
  • Probability of Hitting 1 Number – 1/38.
  • House advantage – 5.26%.

The House Advantage is not everything

You might think that, to win at the casino, all you have to do is look for games with a low house advantage. However, there are other factors that  jackpot slots you should consider when betting such as the volatility of the game, and even your own strategy. The blackjack is a game that can significantly reduce the house advantage of only applying a few basic strategies. For example, a traditional game with favorable rules and a basic strategy can have a house advantage of just 0.15%.


Important factors to consider in Kumpulan slot online casino are several such as bonuses, payment methods, withdrawal methods, customer service, games, quality and safety, etc. Online casinos allow users to access large varieties of games, something that in real casinos is limited by nature. Options like the live casino make the gaming experience even more vivid. Since everything happens in real time.