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Affiliate marketing has remained to be the most suitable marketing strategy for the online gambling industry. Affiliate marketing for online casinos is when a website earns commission from generating sales to a particular online casino.

Any Top online casino Malaysia website should promote online gambling by marketing and attracting traffic to the online casinos.

What roles do affiliates play?

  • The affiliates provide reviews and rankings of different online casinos for users who want to play. They have a high ranking in the search engine optimization, and they lead users to the best online casinos to play on.
  • In online casino marketing, affiliates are often players themselves and market online casinos by sharing their experiences with other gamers.
  • They advertise, monetize ads, and post links to lead audiences to the online casinos.
  • They post banners like ‘sign up now’ that causes immediate action of registration with top online casinos like dafabet.
  • They offer vital information like gaming guides and try to win potential players’ trust to increase registrations and more deposits to the online casinos.
  • They also act as intermediaries between casinos and the users, therefore, providing services to both of them.


Through the CPA mode

CPA is an abbreviation for cost per action. When affiliates charge through this mode, they make money with each new player’s deposit. They agree with the advertiser on a specific percentage, which depends on if they sign up regular players or one time players.

Sometimes they may earn through registrations or downloads, but in most cases, deposits have to be made for them to receive.

Revenue share

in this mode, affiliates earn a certain percentage of the net value or profit generated by a referred user. For instance, 50% of what the new player brings in. It varies from advertiser to another.

This mode of payment is long term and encourages the affiliate to generate more highly potential users who will bring in hefty deposits.

However, the revenue share has its shortcoming. The affiliate marketer will incur losses in case the player wins. Therefore, the two parties (affiliated and online casino) should strike an agreement before going for this model of payment.

Hybrid version

The hybrid model combines the terms of both revenue share and CPA mode. The affiliate gets a conditional pay for a player’s deposit as well as a certain percentage of the subsequent payments.

This method is usually flexible to the affiliate marketer as the interests can increase depending on how good their referrals are. The high the deposits by players then the higher the interest.


You can achieve a whole new marketing strategy by using an affiliate website to market your online gambling business. With a wide range of traffic attraction and trust with online gamblers, affiliates are considered the most effective platforms for marketing online casinos. Plus, members have flexible performance-based payment options; therefore, there is a guarantee of quality customers and high revenue.