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Finding the Right Path of Web Varieties

A study by the Baymard Institute shows that the optimal line length is 50-60 characters with spaces. Remember this.

Large and clear icons and icons

The average width of the fingertip is about 10 mm. That is why it is recommended to make clickable elements large and place them at a distance from each other to avoid false clicks. The recommendations on the Android application interface for active elements suggest a width of at least 7 mm or 48 pixels CSS on the site.

Contrast text. For text, choose not strictly contrasting colors: from a dark gray text on a white background, your eyes get tired less than from black on white. The Color Contrast Checker tool helps you select a combination of text and background colors. With the 메이저사이트  this is important.

More detailed information about the requirements for the site’s mobility can be found in Yandex recommendations

After developing the adaptive version, once again correctly check your site using the services

Do not limit yourself to a single check, but do it at least once a month, as sometimes making changes to the site can cause a malfunction in the layout of adaptive pages.

If you want to keep up with the times and get an audience of voice search, you should think about preparing your site for this technology. Especially if you are engaged in a local business related to food and food. Since, most often they search by voice requests for restaurants, grocery stores and food delivery.

What needs to be done to optimize the site for voice search?

Optimize the site for mobile devices. This requirement comes first, since voice search is used from mobile. What we need to do for this we have already described in two trends.

  • Check if access is open to search engine robots. It is necessary that the site and its contents be easily accessible to search engine robots. The mobile version of the site should not block CSS or JavaScript.
  • Make advanced snippets and implement micro-layout.
  • Structure your content. The Google Search Console has a separate tool for structuring content – Marker.

Use low-frequency key queries in promotion. When users make a request in text, they formulate it with brief abstracts using the keywords: “furniture store Tables and Chairs”, “Turgenev Fathers and Children”.

  • And if you ask with your voice, the smartphone is perceived as an interlocutor and the requests are formulated more naturally, like ordinary questions: “where to dine in the center?”, “How much does a ticket to a theater for a young spectator cost?”, “Where is it cheap to buy a brick?” And so on. You need to answer your customer’s questions and issue extradition on such low-frequency questions, so you get an advantage over competitors.

That is why we recommend creating a “question-answer” or “article” section on the site. In these sections you can post information with answers to such natural questions as “how, where, why.” These are the simplest and most reliable ways to optimize the site and its content for voice search. Try, implement and get your customers from Yandex and Google voice search.