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Heads-Up in poker: what is it? How to play it

One against one – when all but two of the players have been eliminated, the focus is on the last two hopefuls to win the game. The stakes are getting bigger and bigger, and a mistake can be more and more decisive. In idn poker, normally, the two people already collect a prize, but the winner’s is usually significantly larger. In a one against one, you just have to eliminate the other. Your goal should be to get hold of their chips, just like his is to get hold of yours, either hand-to-hand, little by little or with one big play at once.

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In Heads Up there is much more game

If normally 10/20% of hands are played, at a table with eight players, in one against one you can be playing 70%. However, it is not for any reason that it is not picked up already when you study the positions at the poker table. From the small or big blind, when there are no previous plays, the range of “playable” hands is much greater. When we are in Heads Up at a poker table, there is a good chance of having a better hand than our rival has.

Reading is very difficult

While a pre-flop raise from UTG, or from the blind with a previous raise, means strength, the range of hands that a pre-flop raise in Heads Up can entail is very wide. Using a practical example, a raise in UTG can be attributed to ‘premium’ hands, but a raise in one-on-one can easily be a J6 or also an AK. If you are playing a Q-10, which in Heads Up is a spectacular hand, you are going to have difficulties in these cases. You could face an inferior hand or a winning one.

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Tight players suffer in Heads up poker

Tight players, especially Tight-passive ones, are going to suffer a lot in Heads Up poker. In these scenarios, it is difficult for you to receive a hand with guarantees to destroy the game, and if you only receive one, you can see your opponent out of the hand, losing your opportunity to take advantage of it. When opponents are pushing, the blinds are pressing and time is ticking, it is vital for conservative players to know how to modify their style. In addition, the explanation is very simple – you will hardly have safe plays.

What hands can serve in a Heads Up

In a one-on-one, any A is good for you. While in an idnpoker online multiplayer table an A is as good as its partner, here it is very difficult for the opponent to have another A. Much the same could be said of the K. On the other hand, any pocket pair is a potentially hand winner, but not to wait for the trio, but already in itself. Two high cards can be very useful, giving you a choice of having the highest pair on the table, or some very nice doubles, as well as opening a straight. In a poker heads up, you have less fear of straights or flushes, unless you see four of the required five cards already on the table.