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Greater Opportunities for the Perfect Database Backup

At the time, $ 81 million was diverted, but the financial loss could have exceeded $ 1 billion had there not been an error in a word used in hacking code. In addition, this incident has damaged the security of the SWIFT system, which is responsible for managing financial and banking operations globally.

Not only are banks at risk, as any business dealing with financial transactions is subject to cyber attacks. For example, problems may occur with credit card transactions, bank slips, bank transfers, and so on. Cybercriminals only need a loophole in these transactions to do business harm. For the 먹튀 this is important now.

Systems Tipping

There is one type of attack that causes many disruptions to businesses: denial of service ( DDoS ). Incidents with this type of attack became popular in the country, so much so that, according to a survey conducted in the last quarter of 2015 by the digital security company  was in the sixth global position of such events. Overall, there were 3690 identified actions.

In this mode, hacks are made by multiple computers that, through coordinated action, attack a system at the same time. The purpose is to overload it, making it unavailable to users. In addition, the biggest risk comes next, as denial of service acts as a distraction for a more specific and dangerous invasion.

The DDoS attack can affect portals, websites, online services, and other online services that are taken down. With some of these systems offline, breaches open up for virtual intrusions, and the company is damaged by inactive services. This can be extremely detrimental to organizations that rely on online digital platforms and solutions.

  • It should be noted that another common disorder after cyber attacks is rework, after all, many incidents can damage equipment, delete data or corrupt information.
  • This way, employees will have to redo processes, activities and content, which will certainly require more time and resources, as well as impact productivity. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a good data security strategy for your company to reduce these risks.

How many times have you lost important files on your computer? 

In these cases, were you able to recover most of the data

We imagine that after this scare you created alternatives to always have a copy of the main documents. This backup is nothing more than a backup. It is through it that you recover essential files for your work. Given this, it is possible to understand a little the importance of backup, right?

Today, with the number of routines that are executed in digital media, many companies have adopted comprehensive backup policies. They enable the business to have a reliable infrastructure that can withstand problems and enable recovery of strategic data at any time.

If you want to know more about the importance of backup and how it can help your business, check out our post today.

The Importance of Backup in the Enterprise Environment

Creating a backup policy is crucial for the company to have a more reliable infrastructure. By making copies of important files and systems, the enterprise can recover any data quickly.

This will lessen the impact caused by file failures and loss. The company can quickly resume operations, avoiding lost productivity or files that could compromise its operations in the medium and long term. In other words, backup is an important security mechanism that brings reliability to the business and avoids a lot of damage.