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The Reality of Website and More Now

The advantage of the Microsoft solution is its integration into other Microsoft products. OneDrive can become part of your Windows 10. In Explorer, it will appear as a separate folder and the files stored there will be automatically uploaded to your online storage. In addition, OneDrive is integrated into Office 365 office applications. When you save files from your Word or Excel, you can save directly to the online repository or work online with your colleagues and customers. These adjustments are made in real time in a single document and are seen together by everyone. Other options include the ability to play music online, save photos, etc. The biggest advantage of OneDrive is its wide availability in a variety of devices. Most online services provide some limited storage for free. With OneDrive, you have 5 GB of free space. For the 안전놀이 this is important now.

Google Drive

The second online storage we’ll mention is Google Drive. Google Drive is part of a larger number of Google applications and that is its advantage. It was created from the start as part of the online collaboration tools that are industry leaders. It is thus connected with the editor of texts, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails etc. The created documents can be easily shared within and outside the company. Editing documents in real-time by multiple users is very sophisticated, leaving no worries about whether you are working on the latest version of a document.

 It offers free of charge 15 GB of space shared with the email box, additional space is available for purchase (from CZK 60 per month for 100 GB). You can use Google Drive in a web browser, or you can install a program on your computer to create a Google Drive folder. The contents of the folder are then automatically checked and synchronized with the online storage. There is also a smartphone, tablet, or Microsoft Office add-in. We will discuss the practical use of Google Drive in another of our articles. We will show you how to place documents online and how to share accounting documents with clients.

Drop box

The last mentioned service is Drop box. As such, Drop box is not part of a larger group of applications like the two services mentioned above. It specializes in storing and sharing files in the simplest and most elegant way possible. In addition to being easy to use, one of the biggest benefits of integrating with dozens of other services means that you can save or download files from a large number of applications. In addition, the Drop box handler is available for the vast majority of operating systems and can be used on all devices. The main disadvantage of Drop box is its higher price. It offers only 2 GB of space for free and then it is necessary to pay extra for 1 TB (1024 GB) with a price starting at 220 CZK per month.

Security issue

Finally, we will mention the issue of data security. In terms of physical security, the data is well secured. They are physically located in several locations around the globe and the repository undergoes a regular audit of compliance with generally accepted safety conditions. Failure of a device or service should not mean loss of your data. Only trusted people have access to the data, and the world’s best specialists take care of the entire system. What is worth noting are the terms and conditions of the service provided? Read well who actually owns the stored data and what it can and cannot do with it.