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The Best Casinos in the World

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Chicago is a bit of an odd entry on this list, but it manages to make the top five thanks to its riverboat casinos. These unique gambling establishments provide a one-of-a-kind experience for those who love to gamble.

San Jose

When it comes to gambling, San Jose has much more to offer than the bright lights of Las Vegas. The city’s casinos are more laid back, but offer just as many chances to strike it rich.

Detectives recently busted a gang that operated multiple underground casinos in the city, authorities say. They seized dozens of gambling machines and arrested several suspects. They have identified 43-year-old Chuong Ho as the mastermind behind the operations.

Local residents tipped police off to the illegal casinos, which were located in homes and storefronts. One of the locations was found near James Lick High School, near North Capitol Avenue and Avenue B. Inside, investigators found seven ounces of cocaine and a makeshift lab for turning crack into cocaine.

San Jose voters approved Measure H last November, which allows the city’s casinos to increase the number of card room tables. However, state officials have ruled that increasing the number of tables beyond 49 violates California law.


Sydney, Australia’s most populous city, is home to world-famous icons like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge that straddle glistening blue harbor waters. It’s also the site of iconic beaches, vibrant food culture and exciting nightlife.

The city’s laneways and boutique shopping precincts are fun to explore, with a mix of independent and luxury shops. You can shop for antiques and art at The Strand Arcade or sample the 19th-century opulence at the Queen Victoria Building.

For history buffs, a stroll through The Rocks neighborhood will transport you back to when the first European settlers arrived in 1788. You’ll find a great collection of museums, including the renowned Art Gallery of New South Wales that displays local and international art from the Aboriginal peoples to contemporary times. The museum offers general admission free of charge. For a more interactive experience, hop on a ferry at Circular Quay to visit Taronga Zoo or Manly or take a cruise on Sydney Harbour for breathtaking views.


It has only been a few years since Singapore’s casinos opened, but they are already a major source of revenue. The country’s casinos are more than just buildings; they offer a wide variety of entertainment and activities that attract tourists. These include shopping, dining, and attractions like the world’s largest rooftop pool. Some casinos even partner with Universal Studios and other theme parks.

Despite their low incomes, Singaporeans remain avid gamblers. They gamble in casinos, participate in sports betting and lottery games, and wager on soccer matches. Private clubs, such as the Chinese Swimming Club, also run slot machines to supplement their profits.

Nevertheless, there are differences in the viewpoints of Singapore and Macau residents regarding impacts of casino gambling. This is partially attributed to the different managerial systems of social controls. For example, related social institutes in Singapore develop risk-management systems for problem gambling. Consequently, problem-gambling rates are lower in Singapore than in Macau and Hong Kong.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical Central American country with coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. The country is home to stunning beaches and lush rainforests and has a strong casino culture. In fact, the gambling industry has been a major contributor to the country’s economy. Costa Rica’s casinos offer a wide variety of games, from roulette and blackjack to slot machines and video poker. The casinos are usually part of hotels and feature a quiet, relaxing environment.

Costa Rica’s government is crypto-friendly and has a hands-off approach to online gambling regulation, making it a popular jurisdiction for iGaming startups. Incorporating a gaming company in Costa Rica allows operators to offer online casinos, sports betting and more to players worldwide. However, online gambling within the country is illegal.

While there are many casinos in Costa Rica, they do not match the size of casinos found in Macau or Las Vegas. Most Costa Rica casinos are small and connect to hotels, with a modest selection of games.